Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chaos Space Marine Raptors (part 1)

      I've wanted to make a Chaos Space Marine army since day 1 of this hobby and I finally kind of started that with the Hellbrute. Well with my birthday now past I purchased some Chaos Chosen off of ebay and I bought the new raptor/warptalon box from my local comic shop. What Legion has always been a tough question. Ironwarriors are just awesome, black legion is most evil, Death gurad have friggen scythes, and World eaters will jump up and down on your face with sharp sticks. I finally decided on mixing and matching but the bulk of my special units (chosen, raptors, berserkers) are all being done as World Eaters. They will also get a Chaos Lord in termy armour and a hellbrute here soon but not yet. Most other things will be Iron warriors (vehicles, daemon engines, Havoc and marines squads).

     The heavy focus on World Eaters is I want an Assault army now that I have a balanced and shooty power armour army and I want to use chain axes. I friggen love chain axes.

The squad mostly assembled for painting. The army I
used for testing the paint scheme can be seen at the bottom.

The first mostly painted raptor for fully testing color

and here he is all finished. Just needs touching up and
the base worked on.

tomorrow I will try and tie up the cataphractii project....

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