Monday, May 13, 2013

Deadzone Kickstarter and Khrone Berserkers.

     Will be a few more hours before a painting update as I just got home and settled fulled to finish up some of my models! But first a post... Today my friend and I ordered some mini's off of the Interwebs. First an order on Spikeybits for some stuff for his Tau and being the awesome friend that he is he got me 2 sets of Khorne Berserkers!  One box of them for a late birthday present and another for some computer work I intend to do for him. So next week I get to see how long it will take me to paint 24 psycho murder. To help with the occasion I bought some red primer so I don't have to spend to much time putting on the base layer of red. Thank the emperor for that. This along with a purchase of another chaos half of a DV starter set will give me 2 hellbrutes, 2 chaos lords, 12 chose, 20 cultist, 24 khorne berserkers, and 5 raptors. So far I've spent 60 bucks on this army.

     Second thing we purchased was Deadzone from it's awesome kickstarter! I get the terrain and the rebels and he gets everything else was the deal. I only want the one army and being the one of the two of us with the space and pre existing gaming table I wanted the terrain for when we played 40K as well as Deadzone. The scenery sprues themselves are very awesome and I think Mantic will sell a lot of them once they are out to general public. I know I will probably buy more myself! My reason for choosing the rebals out of the 4 armies we are getting is I don't want to start another game just to play as an army in power armour esque soldiers. Also I want a female commander, I won't lie...

Now back to painting!

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