Friday, May 17, 2013

Game Design and Warhammer 40,000

     As I may or may not have mentioned before, I spent almost 2 years going to school for Game Design, specifically for programming. While I did this I spent a lot of time working in the unreal engine. It's easy to work with and very user friendly especially for first/third person shooters. This fall I intend to return and finish my degree in Game Design and in order to pass the final class I have to make a functional game, or at least a level. UDK being a very shooter oriented game and easy to use I decided to make a game based on 40K and start this project now. This will give me a lot of time for polish and feedback on my project so I can guarentee an A for myself.

     Another reason for this is I felt Space Marines was an awesome video game and while replicating it's game play won't be easy it gives me a good base and idea of what I want my game to be like. Space Marines had awesome game play and fantastic multiplayer but I felt like the story was lacking. Titus was and Sardonis were both good characters but the whole thing wasn't canon and that will bug me to no end. I feel like a game over the Deathwatch makes a lot more sense for running around as 1 guy alone or in a squad and gives a lot more creative freedom as to story and character development.

     So apart from being a 3rd person shooter and the being focused on the Deathwatch, what will this game have to make it "fun". Not to solid of an idea yet. Missions and story will generally start out with the player being in a Thunderhawk or on a Battle-barge picking weapons and setting up wargear before landing or getting in a drop pod and launching towards the objective. The main character who I will go over in a later blog post will be an Imperial Fist marine as I favor them. Team mates will be a Space Wolf and a Dark Angel. the 3 will also be assisted by various others through out the missions. Each mission will be its own little story (if I get around to making more then one), and will focus on Xenos threats or Chaos groups left out in games. Fighting Black Legion is boring.

     Right now I'm getting some simple environment kits made so I can quickly build large portions of a level without having to make new special assets for every other hallway and corridor. Then I will start working on characters and getting them in the engine. Later I will be posting some of the level assets and maybe a bit more on the story. From right now, I have a year to finish this project, and I want to spend most of that time polishing it and making it awesome. As far as eventually releasing it? No idea if they'd let me, lol.


  1. This sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun! I'm not sure if it would fit into what you have planned, but I think that it would be really cool to start a level inside a Land Raider hearing all the sounds of battle all around, and having the assault ramp drop you right into the thick of it (kinda like the D-day assault of WWII games). Just a thought. Good luck with your project!

  2. That would actually work really well in the right scenario. I just want the missions to start off in an epic way and allow for me to stash wargear options in the vehicles so before it lands or opens to let you disembark you could trade your bolter for a flamer or something. The Land raider is big enough and I completely forgot about it. lol