Saturday, May 18, 2013

Game design early modeling work.

    So yesterday I mentioned I was starting on a project I plan to use for school since I won't to finish my game design degree. Apart from working on the Game Design document and writing segments of back ground story and other relevant notes I started doing some modeling. Most of the modeling I'm doing right now is for the first mission and takes place on an Imperium ship. A lot of modular corridor and hallway sections made into a kit similar in design to the ones Bethesda uses on Elder Scrolls or Fallout. That way I can easily build large amounts of the level with little effort and just add bits of scenery and boxes to change things up.

Imperial Aquila! Figured I be putting this in a lot of places
so I might as well model it first.

A early model of the Corridor segments. The catwalks
that run through these maintenance ways are separate
pieces of terrain.

Just for fun I tried to do a MK3 Iron Armour Helmet.
Turned out really bad though, front is to long and back
to short. Will restart that later once general level assets
are done.
     So as you can see progress is coming slowly. I want to finish the level's basic design before I start trying to bring characters in and add other things to it. The story will take me some effort to finalize as I'm not the best writer and don't have access to someone from black library. But should have a decent Idea of what I want to have happen with that here soon. Now hopefully today my Berserkers come....

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