Saturday, May 25, 2013

High Elves and Fantasy

     So I own a High Elf army and according to the new rulebook (which is awesome) I have safely 1500 points. Sadly I don't have the core rulebook for fantasy and therefore have no idea what is going on. The PDF of it I have is horribly scanned and I kind of wish someone would have made a digital copy of the pocket version that would fit nicely on my tablet but alas. So today I'm trying to figure it out as best I can and paint my models so tomorrow I can try it out when I go to my friends house. I like High Elves and I like I can use them to fit my enthusiasm for Warcraft as well.

     I also would like to talk about my game project I started early for school. Terrain is coming on well but I did make a few changes to how I wanted the game to start. I decided the best way to tell a story in a game for the Deathwatch is to show the character before he gets inducted into the deathwatch and go from there. Give people a visual of the whole process. I'm also trying to avoid using Orks or Chaos in this game as Relic (who's made damn awesome games) has covered that to death. Dark Eldar and Tau might be good antagonist, though Tau will be harder to put a negative light on.

    And just to mention it, I know everyone already knows, dat Eldar Wraithknight is huge.... Just sayin.

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