Thursday, May 16, 2013

More blood and skulls and stuff....

     Hello! Tonight I've decided a few things. First, every post pertaining to an army will have the top image and the Thumbnail for blog rolls be the heraldy of the army being discussed. It helps me pretend I'm organized. Second, I bought a chaos lord in terminator armour as I needed someone to lead my army of genocidal blood thirst angry guys into battle. I didn't intend to buy him yet but my friend kept tempting me when we we're in the shop. The captain of this specific warband probably needs a name but I will give him one later.

     For armaments apart from the obvious terminator armour I used arms from Cataphractii because Cataphractii armour is awesome. It also sparks images of rome and gladiators and makes the armour more reminiscent of Angron's armour on the Forgeworld model. He has to of the artifat weapons. One is the Burning Brand of Skalathrax, just in case he gets cold. Two is the Axe of Blind Fury, because nothing says Khorne like an axe of blood and rage! I figure he's going to be getting up close with the squad of Chosen I'm making to accompany him, why give him a boltgun.

The leader in all of his angry glory!

Capy and the raptors I've been slowly working on.
I did get another tonight but waiting for tomorrow to
post more pictures.

The Champion for my raptor squad. A true champion of
khorne, covered in blood with a dead Ultra-smurf at his
feet. My prejudice of Roboat Girlyman and his legion 

     I haven't finished my deathwing knights do to a lack of money and glue. I didn't know I needed more superglue until I came home and realized my new container had gotten lost somehow... oh well.

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