Monday, May 13, 2013

Neverwinter and Dark Angels.

     Been distracted from my tabletop gaming by a new ish but still in beta MMO called Neverwinter which is based on D&D 4th ed kind of from what I can tell. Very good mmo and a nice change of pace from the combat system in wow. I've been playing for a week and already level 29! Though I don't think I should be proud of the time investment... Still a good game though! If you like MMORPG's but need something a bit different from WoW/ToR it's worth a shot and free! This week I may do a more in depth review of the game but I want to Review Farcry 3: Blood Dragon first.

     Today I didn't get much work on my models done with mothers day but I did get a game in against Dark Angels with my Imperial Fist against a newer player. The game type was for kill points, hammer and anvil deployment, and it was a 1500 point game. This DA army was run with every plasma gun it could possibley take to the point of craziness but it did help my opponent tear my tactical squads apart. I did win out in the end though because he only had a lass cannon and a rocket launcher that could hurt my Land Raider and marine with Las cannon got killed by my Ironclad turn one. This gave my Land Raider Redeemer free rain to drive around and torch his tactical squads with flamestorm cannon, a weapon I've become very fond of.

     Putting the older 5th ed codex against the newer 6th edition ones did have some drawbacks though. His squads we're cheaper by 10-30 points, especially the devastators he had. The lower general troop cost allowed him to take plasma pistols, guns, and cannons on any unit that could Sadly this only make them useful against light mech power armour list... but oh well, fluff armies are fun. Hence my world eaters will have a lot of pointless chain axes.

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