Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Playing the Tau in 6th Edtion.

     One of the thins I've had the pleasure of doing recently is playing Tau a lot against my friend who is new to the hobby. As he is still learning It's a lot easier for me to win as I know the rules better and can strategize better. The Tau army is very powerful in shooting and has a lot more forgiveness then it used to but still requires some finesse to play.

     Their shooting is unmatched and assaults are the only way to go. Land Raiders, Storm Ravens, and Dreadnought drop pods become your friend as they allow units to assault out of the vehicle. Something you need against Tau or they will never make it across the field. And even then their is always over watch fire. Tau overwatch might as well be a whole nother normal shooting phase with units giving supporting fire and some getting BS-5 thanks to upgrade. But without the overwhelming overwatch they would stand no chance as 2-3 khorne berserkers could destroy the unit so not many have to survive overwatch.

     One of the post I will have to write an indepth review of my full thoughts on the Tau army and how to play them and play against them. But so little time....

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