Thursday, May 16, 2013

Khorne Raptors!

     Okay, so progress report before I go sit in bed and play Blood Dragon. Finished my raptor squad tonight with only one more guy needing his transfer sticker! I can't stress enough how much trim these guys and the chosen have to paint. It's crazy ridiculous and I dare say the chosen might be worse. I guess tomorrow I'll test that theory... 

The finished squad prepared to kill the smirfs!

Another shot of the full squad with some iconography
showing on their shoulders. Also a sad Ultramarine in
the back ground.

Finally! the chosen. Boring Dark Vengeance Chosen.
I have a whole nother set of DV chaos on the way and
the idea of painting all 12 of them kind of hurts my brain.

     All in all this army is coming together fast and this weekend with the other set of DV chaos stuff and 2 boxes of Khorne Berserkers to fill in troop slots. I need to start looking into non-infantry things. There is currently 3 things I want to add to this army. One, A Decimator Daemon Engine because it looks awesome.
Two, FW's Angron model to run as a daemon prince in larger point games because I want an excuse to own that model. Three, 2 squads of chaos Havocs with autocannons to provide supporting fire to the other dudes. I know I should probably get some rhino's and possable a land raider to. But 40K armies always need new toys! They never stop growing! 

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