Thursday, May 9, 2013

Star Wars X-wing

My ships!

     It's my birthday today and I finally decided to get myself X-wing to celebrate! huzzah! I now intend to post about this a bit more as well since it is the first non Warhammer table-top game I will be playing. Now to get some more ships.... I want to order some A-wings but the game is very popular and they are sold out everywhere. It's a shame as I'd throw some money at them right now for a squad of A-wings or B-wings when they make them....


  1. It is a really great game. I started playing a few months ago, and wish i started earlier. With the release of the wave 2 ships a lot of new choices have opened up, which is pretty exciting (as you said, who doesn't love A-wings?). Having played 40k for so long, it is really refreshing to be able to just buy a model and be instantly ready to play. No assembly or painting (and they are even painted nicely!). And the wave 3 ships were just revealed too! I was shocked to see that they made the Moldy Crow (from Dark Forces II: Jedi Knights), and can't wait to use it. It is certainly an exciting time to get into the game!

  2. The addition of the moldy crow was a very welcomed sight. Not only because the ship itself is cool but it confirmed that expanded universe ships will be more or less frequent now that most of the main ships are out. I for one am holding out on Dash Rendars Outrider. Shadows of the Empire was my first video game, and that ships remains one of my favorites. Playing for the first time tonight so hopefully it goes well!

  3. Yeah, with the Moldy Crow made, I think it is assured that the Outrider will be in the game shortly. I feel it is one of the most popular ships from the expanded universe. I hope your first game went well!