Thursday, May 16, 2013

X-wing! Brought to you by the letter Y (-wing)

     A quick little post to take a break from my painting. Here is a game of X-wing I played with my friend as we tried to figure out the rules. The first game used the quickstart guide and I lost horribly with my 2 little X-wings. So after that game going south for me in the next game we decided to try full rules. This changed 2 things. One, we actually calculated points cost. Two, it gave me an opportunity to use Y-wings. While Y-wings are slow and will take hits they can take a lot of hits. This won me the second game with the help of a asteroid trying to hug a passing tie-fighter. My friend has since ordered a Slave 1 and I pre-ordered some B-wings. We hope to make this game a part of our weekly routine.

     In other news Deadzone kickstarter still has like 17 days left and if they get to 500K they will add Forgefathers (Squats/Space Dwarves) and Asterians (Space Elves) to the game in the form of an expansion. Kind of looking forward to finally getting this come December and letting my rebels run through the streets.

Now back to painting...


  1. That is an excellent game isn't it? I usually play Imperials and my brother plays the Rebels. The Tie Interceptor is a really fun ship to use. If your friend is playing Imperials I would recommend it. Also, if you haven't seen it already, this blog has some great stuff:

  2. It is fun and was a nice break from 40K. My friend went out and bought a bunch more ships the next day while I pre ordered some B-wings and a HWK-290 but since those won't be out for a while I will probably have to get other ships in meantime. and I have not seen that blog before but after looking at it I did save it.