Saturday, June 1, 2013

A long busy week.

     It's been a rather long blogless week do to trying to find a job as quickly as possable, it's not going well at all. But I have some free time this weekend to post on recent happenings and painting projects and the other various projects I start from time to time. The main project right now is repainting my Imperial Fist to a proper yellow. So right now half of my army is bathing in Simple Green. The new yellow pops out a bit more and doesn't look like burnt orange...

Here is the land speeder with proper yellow and wash!

     In other news, I did play a friendly game of 40K today with my roommate who wanted to learn the game and possible get into the hobby. Needless to say he enjoyed it more then Twilight Imperium and will probably play again soon. The match was 1500 point game with him using my Dark Angels, and me running my World Eaters. He won by stringing his 8 terminators between 2 objectives in my deployement zone while I held one objective in the middle and failed to push his last guy off the 1 in his deployment zone which contested that objective. Was a crazy game and came down to an armour save which made it a good first game for my roommate. Really hope I can convert him into the hobby.

    I also finished my Deathwing Knights this week and now have them up with the rest of the army. Contemplating running a mostly Deathwing List now just to try them out and see how they do. But have been to pre occupied with the campaign and testing my World Eaters. Assault isn't dead it just needs land raiders to drive it places....

    Here is my full Dark Angels army assembled. 25 terminators, 5 bikes, 20 marines from the fourth company and some HQ Units to round it all off. The Company Commander from Dark Vengeance I've been using as Azrael with the watcher in the Dark from the Terminator kit. Looks close enough and functions mostly the same in my opinion. I don't like Azraels models and I feel it should be updated soon. It's not even in Finecast....

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