Monday, June 24, 2013

A summery of the update I wanted to give...

     Still not the post I wanted to make but work and life is quirky at best.... so until tomorrow when I have my phone fixed and can get painting pictures up, here is a long mostly on topic post.

     A progress shot of my tanks for my Death korp. Slowly coming a long but I can only paint so many Leman Russ tanks before I get bored. also got a Basilisk tank to add to my arsenal. Again, still waiting on command squad but they should be here before weeks end. Also got a part in to finish fixing a laptop for a client so I can get paid for that and finally order my IA:12. After that it's just stock up on infantrymen until the army is playable. I really can't wait to have some of these done.

     Still also working on the painstaking process of repainting a large portion of my imperial fist before I start growing the army again. This dreadnought has been stripped and repainted several times but he was my first model. I bought it on ebay for 15 bucks and it was primed blue for some odd reason. I guess someone thought it should be a Ultramarines Dreadnought. Thankfully I save it from that fate...

     I got a set of sisters of Averlorn for my "Blood Elf" (High Elf) army to act as my Farstriders and rangers with their awesome magical bows. They cost me 10 bucks brand new since I got a sweet discount for helping the shop that sold me them do some work on their store outside. I have them mostly put together but can't paint them until I get some white primer. 

     Now the most random bit! I have wanted this game for a while because I like the style and I think it's fun.
My friend had it and wasn't to into it but made me a deal where if I buy him Sammael for his new Ravenwing army he would just let me keep this game. I'm pretty happy with it so, as I think I can use this to get my fiancee into playing some games with me finally since she likes anime.

Some special metal models that we're in the box.
Another pally & Candy and Cola figure!

All the hero's and big monsters it came with.

All in all it's a lot of randomness for one post and it won't be getting much more normal from here as I have a lot I want to talk about this week.

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