Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bartcon IV and the start of my Deathkorp of Krieg.

     It's been a busy weekend with Bartcon IV and then working all day yesterday but I bring a long post with an interesting scenario for your basement tournaments. My friend has a con every year at his house that consist of rock paper scissors to 40K, and this was my first year going and I have to say it was a blast. Friday had kids welcome and there was everything from the rock paper scissors tournament to mortal combat and Dawn of War tournaments. Day 2 was 40K followed by fantasy and other board games day 3.

     The 40K tournament was interesting because there was no codex restrictions. This ment you could take a Space Marine HQ and then 2 troops from a nid codex and heavy support from Tau. Everything for the purpose of this was counted as battle brothers or being in the same army for all rule purposes. Players did have to follow normal force organization though. The second part that made this crazy was re-rolls. You could earn 2 re-rolls for each beer finished. This lead to the 3rd round of the tournament being a drinking contest on some tables, but it was fun for everyone and that's what matters. I won my first 2 rounds and then lost on round, but still better then I expected. So lets look at some of the list.

     My list! Kharn as HQ with a 15 model Berserker squad in a LR
Redeemer, a Ironclad in drop pod, a tactical squad in a rhino, and
then a team of fire warriors and a Riptide I borrowed from my friend.
 This list was mostly reliant on Kharn and his friends to put the pain on
and prove assault wasn't dead.

A list of all models on 32mm bases. This one was kind of funny
for using each factions termy equivalents. Also Ghazghkull Thraka
and Calgar in the same army is always good for laughs.

A Black Templar list with a ton of orks in Land Raider Crusaders.
Orks in Armour 14 vehicles using the buffs provided by the emperors
champion was amusing. 

Abaddon in a LR with nids. That's all that really must be said.
Also nothing says your day is ruined then being charge by Aby
and 2 carnifax. 

Straight flesh terrors!

First game right before Kharn and his merry men charged.
    Sadly I didn't get pics of all the list but I think this is enough to give the idea. It's definitely a crazy way to play with lots of interesting combinations. I look forward to next years scenario and seeing how crazy that gets. The tournament was a tie between Abaddon with nids and a team of straight Necrons (boring). Also the games being 1500 points did make taking LR's expensive and risky.

A normal game of risk against Gamestop employee's. I lost...

My fantasy army at 2K points with borrowed wood elves
to fill out my ranks. The game was for the blood in the badlands
campaign. I'm not in the campaign but was allowed to compete in
this scenario. I managed to win and get to the second round. I think
the scenario was Marshes of Madness. The fight for a special town
I think.

Round 2 with the surviving forces of each army from the 4
other games. My Swordsmen of Hoeth killed a rank of Skaven
before being charged themselves. Ogre's and Vampires we're
also on the table. Skaven won in the end.

    Another big thing I came away with this weekend is a bunch of IG. I traded my Dark Angels for what you see in the above picture. (roughly 2000 ish points for 2000 ish points) I didn't see the point in running to Space Marine armies with minor differences and it was an opportunity to give a huge boost to my starting a Death Korp of Krieg army. My krieg army will be armour heavy until I save up money to order a lot of Infantrymen though but I think it will be worth it. I will be using the Assault Brigade list from IA-12 once that comes in the mail. Ordering it this Friday when payed. The models above needed a lot of work as they've been sitting in a tote bucket for a year ish. Most we're re primed with sponsons added.

Test paint of the Tank color scheme. I have 8 Leman Russ tanks
right now, all with different turrets for all sorts of situations.

I got these 2 Vendetta's with everything else but can't use them
in an Assault Brigade list or any DKoK list for that matter. But since
in some tournaments I will need to run my army as IG I decided to
keep them. Also they look nice when fixed up and painted.
    Just ordered a commissar as well for an HQ and will be ordering 2 Grenadier squads to get 2 troops choices. Because of the armies special rules though I feel a full platoon of infantry will be eventually needed. The good people in charge of Mage-Con have okayed all IA and chapter approved stuff for the 40K tournament at the end of the summer. The Forlorn Hope special rule with infantry will help with objective based games.

"Forlorn Hope:
If the player chooses to use this rule, when Infantry Platoons gets destroyed they go into ongoing reserves, meaning an endless supply of guardsman.

If you do take this option though, your opponent gets to place an Assault objective in their deployment zone that gets them a victory point if the Death Korp player does NOT claim it. Though the assault brigade gets 2 points if they do manage to get it."
Basically what Forlorn Hope does based on an internet description. I guess the army only gets it for 1500+ point games though. Not that, that is an issue.

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