Saturday, June 1, 2013

Black Templar, and a small story.

     I grew up on RTS games, and I loved toy army men as a kid, and for years I wanted a board game or tabletop game that allowed me to enjoy the strategy of RTS with the physical buildings and vehicles of those little green soldiers. Nobody told me about 40K, a hobby I would have gotten into years sooner if I would have learned about it. Then I found Dawn of War. Dawn of War sparked an interest in the franchise and as I looked into other games and related material I discovered a galaxy of turmoil, war, and the game I've always wanted. It was a magical time.

     So I went on the ebay and I ordered some mini's to get started, I didn't know anyone else that played but I wanted the mini's anyway, they we're awesome. So I ordered the starter set for Assault on Black Reach, along with a tactical squad and another dreadnought I got for 15 bucks. It was a good start for what eventually became my Imperial Fist. Since then I've made 3 warhammer 40K armies, 1 fantasy army, and several other random figures. Next month I start my Death Korp of Krieg with a command squad and several Leman Russ tanks.

     So what does this story have to do with anything? Not much really, except I finally went back and repainted the captain me from Black Reach. When I first bought the models he was the first guy I painted and I made so many mistakes I actually felt bad. The problem is I didn't need a captain for my Imperial Fist, I always use Lysander or a Master of the Forge, so what would I do with this mini? Black Templar! I've always liked Black Templar and I always though it would be fun to start a small force of them to use as allies. and when the new rules finally do come maybe evolve them into their own force. So painting him to act as a marshal was a promise to myself to do that, and I'm really happy with the results. He's not my best mini, but he was my first, and will always have a special place in my collection.

P.S. Above are the repainted versions of my Imperial fist as well, Lysander does need his arms back though...

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