Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Codex: Iyanden and what it means for the hobby.

     So, Games Workshop has officially announce Codex Iyanden to us all, as well as pointing out that it is apparently the first of many supplements in a new range. This means we could be seeing supplements for Chaos Legions (ie: Death Guard), Space Marine Chapters (ie: Salamanders), and maybe even thing like the Farsigh Enclave faction of Tau. This would make tournaments that much more interesting, and give a bit more leverage to using things like Forge Worlds Deathkorp of Krieg, Minotaurs Space Marines, and Maynarkh Dynesty of Necrons. Seeing as the main argument against those list varients is that people aren't familiar with them, but if we have 16 GW codex's, possibly dozens of Codex supplement army variants, and all Forge Worlds List options, nobody could ever really be familiar with everything anyways.

    So lets discuss what we will find in this supplements based on Codex: Iyanden.

1.) 3 formats; digital, standard book, and collectors editions for each supplement. So you have options for where you get it. I personally want to get an Ipad just for GW books so I can have them all cozy and tucked away on my tablet.

2.) Army wide Special Rules, how much this impacts the codex variant will probably differ from codex to codex.

3.) Army special unit's like HQ's and vehicle varients.

4.) Army special wargear table. You know the page of crazy wargear in every codex like the Axe of Blind Fury or the Lion's Roar combi-bolter? Supplements have those for their armies to.

5.) Army warlord traits!

6.) Roughly 32 pages of fluff, story, and pictures.

7.) Model showcase

8.) Army specific stratagems for Planetary Strike and Cities of Death. This struck me as the most interesting feature to add, but a good subtle way to promote those books and mission variants.

9.) A section of special missions and scenario's for playing with that army. Pretty sure it's just updates of the battle missions book content but now not stuck to Ipad only.

     Either way at this point the book seems like it is worth the price of a normal codex even if you do need it in edition to the armies standard codex. It gives your army a different feel and not just fluff to paint and model them by like I thought it would be, so I'm very impressed if this is going to become standard for GW to do. This also opens up more model opportunities for them and for conversion lovers. So I'm happy and my hat is off to Games Workshop. Now to end this post lets look at all the different codex options and Army List we have now.

Space Marines:

-Codex: Space Marines
-Codex: Dark Angels
-Codex: Space Wolves
-Codex: Blood Angels
-Codex: Black Templar
-Space Marine Siege Assault Army (Forge World)
-Tyrants Legion (Forge World)

Imperial Guard:

-Codex: Imperial Guard
-Death Korp of Krieg Assault Brigade (Forge World)
-Death Korp of Krieg Siege Regiment (Forge World)
-Death Korp of Krieg Armoured Battlegroup (Forge World)
-Elysian Drop Troops (Forge World)
-Armoured Battle Groups (Forge World)

-Codex: Grey Knights
-Codex: Sisters of Battle


-Codex:Chaos Daemons
-Codex: Chaos Space Marines
-Renegades and Heretics (Forge World)
-Renegades and Heretics Servants of Slaughter (Forge World)
-Renegades and Heretics Servants of Decay (Forge World)

-Codex: Eldar
-Codex: Iyendan  (GW Codex Supplement)
-Eldar Corsairs  (Forge World)
-Codex: Dark Eldar

-Codex: Orks
-Ork Dread Mob (Forge World)
-Codex: Necrons
-Dark Harvest Necrons Army List (Forge World)
-Codex: Tau Empire
-Codex: Tyranids

   Now granted some Forgeworld list aren't up to date, and I think the DKoK Brigade list replaces the Siege list, but this is all of the army list and variations currently existing for 40K as far as I know. With the addition of these supplements this number will only go up. Now lets hope someday we can add squats back to the list.


  1. I'm really excited about this. Like you said, it really opens up a whole bunch of possibilities for gameplay and modeling. I wonder if they will use something like this for the inquisition? Have a smaller book for GK, SoB and the Deathwatch?

    1. I Think the Grey Knight book would stay a core codex and keep the general inquisition in it. The SoB have a large and diverse enough army to keep their own thing going if they could just get some love. And the Deathwatch would actually work as a good supplement that could compliment either of those. Though it would make more sense with SoB as why would GK bring in outside marines for all of it's missions when they are suppose to be secret. Hard to say though as the Inquisition is so broad and has so many forces.