Thursday, June 13, 2013

Death Korp tanks and mud on the tracks.

     Trying to get more work done on all my tanks for my krieg army. Have a command squad in the mail and ordering IA 12 here in next few days. But one thing I got stuck on is the tanks looking to clean. Not having mud on them made no sense for krieg. So after a bit of expirimenting and youtube video's I think I have a mud affect I like. Mud.

The first test was just using brown paint in different shades, layered
to get a mud affect, but it looked weird and flat. So after some studying
I made a mix of actual dirt from my yard, brown paint, and varnish to
help seal it all up.

The affect given by the odd mixture. For just being actual mud, I
think it turned out really well. Might layer it more though...
The plow on the front. Definitely need another layer.

Close up!

    Well, that's it for now. Maybe later I will post more pics of the individual tanks as I finish them. Also need to finish the base for the Vendetta and find the base for the other Vendetta....

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