Monday, June 24, 2013

Gone sick, working, and High Elves.

     Been a long week but plan to do some catching up this week since I don't have to be at my office.
I have been working extra to try and get some money for my DKoK and it's a slow process. Though I should get my command squad in the mail this week! Another thing that kept me down is I had/have Bacterial Pnemonia in my right lung and it's been there for a while I guess. Not fun and has led to many side effects I can't say I care for.

   Now onto hobby stuff. A lot I want to cover today from different armies and how they're shaping up to random other games I've gotten and want to look at. But mostly my High Elves that I have a new special character and new unit for. Even found a World of Warcraft mini to fit the Hero slot I needed to fill and match my Sisters of Averlorn.

   So if your bored stay tuned! lots to read as the day goes on!

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