Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Index Astartes returns!

   Yesterday I got done talking about codex supplements and what they how awesome they are for this hobby now that they exist. Having an army that not only looks unique from every other Space Marine or Eldar army is nice, but having one that plays differently is another thing entirely. Sadly not all chapters and craft worlds have enough story to merit their own supplements. Especially all of the space marine chapters. Back in the day we had Index Astartes, something I was working on trying to update for house rules, but now it seems Black Library is republishing updated versions of it themselves among other things. The Black Library publishing rules is weird though....

"The range kicks off with three series: Warlords of the Dark Millennium, Index Astartes, and Munitorum."

"Warlords of the Dark Millennium explores the heroes and villains of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Each instalment will cover topics like the origin of the character, great battles in their history, and their rise to glory (and/or infamy). It will also include detailed descriptions and images of the character’s weapons and wargear, not to mention full rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40,000 (even if you don’t have the relevant codex)."

    The first book in the series is about Warlords and Heroes from Farsight to Lysander and maybe some not yet in rules. This gives fluff and allows you to see the personality of the HQ you chose to lead your armies and how they act. List of War gear and even full rules for the characters. I plan to buy all of these because even though Azrael's rules are in the Codex: Dark Angels, these books might give rules to new characters as well as existing ones who don't have rules. 

"Index Astartes may be a familiar name to longstanding Games Workshop fans, as it first appeared as an article in White Dwarf as far back as 1988! Every week, Index Astartes will explore the Space Marines of the Imperium: everything you ever wanted to know about the warriors, vehicles, beliefs and fighting style of the Emperor’s finest. Many of the classic Index Astartes articles will become available again digitally, as well as loads of new instalments to look forward to."

     The Index Astartes is a big deal to me. The old ones had rules for the "First Founding" chapters and legions and even some of the later chapters and warbands. This allowed chapters not different enough to have their own codex or even a supplement to have some rules of their own. This also will make tournament play get crazier as more faction variants means crazier unit combinations. I can't contain my joy at this news.

"Munitorum is your indispensible guide to the weapons and wargear of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Every issue will focus on an item of battlefield equipment from the far future, from the humble lasgun, to the alien shuriken catapult, to the apocalyptic vortex missile."

     To be honest I'm not really sure what these really are for. Weapon fluff is cool and could be used to introduce new things but just seams rather odd. Either way I will buy this to just to review it monday with the others.

     I also plan to do a review of the eldar book from the perspective of a dedicated marine player who's never used xenos armies. The only non power army I have is a small detachment of Death Korp of Krieg and that hasn't even all come in the mail yet. So yah! look for post and reviews this week and this weekend I will be at a gaming convention held in my friend basement every year.

Edit: Not sure why the page was displaying crazy but it's fixed now.

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