Friday, June 14, 2013

Index Astartes so far.

     The Index Astartes stuff being re released in Ebook form has had me excited since it was announced. But now that I have it in my hands I have to say it's a bit week. My main issue is some of the Epub files load weird with the page formatting not displaying correctly. This is something that will be fixed so I can forgive that. The first 2 books "Codex Astartes" and "Dreadnoughts" have no new rules in them and exist purely for fluff. Weather or not the future books (released every Monday) will contain the old rules for chapters updated to 6th ed will happen now I'm not sure, but I remain hopeful.

    For those of you who just want little weekly glimpses of fluff these books are worth at least a glance. I kind of wish they would also put them in issues of White Dwarf to add content to a magazine in need of new content and interesting articles, but that would make it harder for GW to justify these digital versions which I believe will function as a forunner of sorts to the larger GW books being released in Epub/Mobi formats. Depending how Tomorrow goes I might get the book for Azrael to. The Warlord series of books does indeed include rules though how many I don't know and am curious to find out.


  1. My understanding is that they are digital versions of WD articles from that series from the early 2000s. They were later collected in a series of books, but have been out of print for a while.

  2. I have the old books on my computer as pdf's. The reason I found them interesting is the small amount of rules they offered to different factions. So my hope is that if these are a reprint that they contain some of the old chapter/legion specific special rules.