Friday, June 28, 2013

Painting fire

     A quick update on some of what I'm working on. Right now I've got a lot of things that require fire on them. Sisters of Averlorn are the main one and the second is Vulken He'stan of the salamanders. Vulken was the test mini for painting fire since he was covered in it. Poor guy.


First run of painting fire. I don't mind the chest piece so
much as I think the cloak should be entirely redone.

Painted up the rest of the armour details. Scales on the leg
plates will need some working as well as the cloak. Still not sure
how I'm going to do that....

Painted the bow on this sister of averlorn. While the fire effect
turned out fine, I did it backwards. The red and yellow
need to be switched around.

    All in all the fire thing is getting easier to paint and I think after I fix the first bow the rest should be rather easy. Oddly enough as soon as my Death Korp finally get here I will be basing them with snow and adding some snow to the top of my tanks. Need to find a good way to do that as well.... 

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