Sunday, June 30, 2013

Random gaming update and Deathwatch video game project

     A random update on gaming stuff. My Death korp should finally be here Monday based on the tracking from USPS and I can't wait to get my hands on the first of my non tank units for my DKK. The command squad was a good choice I think and hopefully later when I get grenadier squads and start testing the army more it will work out well. I want them to act as allies to my Imperial Fist. A siege IG army with a siege space marine army. A match I feel will work well. With the release of Apocalypse I can also justify taking some of the new fortifications with my kriegsmen as well. Nothing like some turrets and bunkers to dig into and shoot from!

     My Chaos army is on hold right now. What I like about chaos is I can make armies around the 4 main cults so easily. I have Khorne done right now and next is a tie up between the slaanesh and Tzeentch. Rubrics and Noise marines are both just damn awesome. Of course there wasn't much contest until I started reading Thousand Suns......

     I also have a small but growing list of non Warhammer games to play. Apart from a lot of Magic, World of Warcraft, and Pokemon TCG decks (don't judge!), I also have a growing collection of board games and other table top games I want to expand on. Risk has been my favorite board game for years and new variations and themes of it are always fun. Super Dungeon Explore just appeals to me for some reason and I want it's expansions. Then the next game on my list is Battle of Westeros, a 2 player strategy game set in the "Song of Ice and Fire universe", which I enjoy very much.

     The above model is a bit larger then I had hoped but represents my Handmaiden of the Everqueen. The model is from the World of Warcraft miniatures game and has the perfect bow and armour for what I wanted to represent. She is the current leader for my "Rangers" in my Blood Elf themed fantasy army.  Next I hope to get a phoenix but I can't really press my luck to much on that. Financially I'm not the best off right now.....

      Then lastly my Deathwatch video game project I've been working on for school. Having some random models and terrain assets done for the first mission I decided to start working on making a good story. In order to do this I borrowed this book from a friend as well as the core rulebook to the Deathwatch RPG which will be an invaluable asset to this project. The fluff alone in these two books is really helping to shape the story of this game and I really hope to be able to show more of what I'm working on very soon. Some of the assets are coming along well but it's a slow process as 3D modeling isn't my stong point and I'm a bit rusty with 3ds Max.

That's all the updates I have for today. Should be posting one soon with more pictures of my current High elf projects and my repainting of my Imperial Fist!

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