Saturday, June 1, 2013

Seventh Retribution

     Just finished reading Seventh Retribution by Ben Counter and I have to say I'm pretty happy with it. The Ebook version was released early as an apology of sorts to the sons of Dorn for one of the more noble space marine chapters always getting it's ass kicked in black library stories. It also gave some nice insight into Lysander who until this point has just been a small almost background less figure on the tabletop that I could lend no personality to.

     The story itself focus's on the Imperial Fist as they join the war against a separatist planet called Opis after a member of the inquisition is killed there. As the war progresses though things aren't how they seem to Lysander and his brothers as they investigate what led the planet to fall to chaos so easily. I won't go to much into the story but if you like plot twist, the Imperial Fist, and the Officio Assassinorum, then you will enjoy this book a lot.

    One of the reasons I liked the book apart from the giving Lysander some character, it added a wealth of new interesting characters from a priest of the imperial guard to a World Eater who I'd like to make a conversion of as special character. Another thing that stood out was units and a certain vehicle employed by the Imperial Fist. The Imperial Fist in this book have an Emperor's Champion, who does the same job as the Champion employed by it's successor chapter the Black Templar. This has me hoping that it will later be canon for that specific role to be in all Imperial Fist chapters and not just the Black Templar. The Emperial Fist also have a one of a kind Thunderhawk varient. The Shadowhawk uses the same basic design as a Thunderhawk but replaces all of it's troop compartments for large payloads of missile pods and more advanced weapon systems, as well as better tracking systems for those weapons. Sadly it was shot down and while they hinted at the fact it could be recovered they never clarified if the actually recovered it... But the idea of the chapter having some unique tools was nice.

   All in all I recommend the book, as the story line is unique and full of twist to make it interesting.

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