Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Apocalypse book, a brief overview of it's contents.

     So I managed to get my hands on a copy of Apocalypse. Now I have never played Apocalypse before but it's something I want to try. Especially since I'm currently scratch building a Warlord Titan which will be followed by 2 scratch built Warhounds. Sadly the Warlord Titan isn't in the new book.... The new Apocalypse book is built around the idea of fun instead of just being a giant destroyer of free time, or so that's how I understand it. From what I read the rules look fun and solid and I really look forward to testing this all out on the tabletop. No 6 turn or varied game length, it's all on time limits set by who ever is hosting the event. 6 core mission types plus the Armageddon missions are also in the book. So plenty of set ups to keep things crazy.

     Formations work a bit differently now as they don't cost extra to take, where as they apparently did before. Also while the core book has tons of formations for everyone it doesn't have all of them. Some formations have been split into smaller supplements called Warzones, this first of which is Armageddon campaign. This means formations for orks, Templar, Yarrick, and Blood angels!  Now before you rage about having to buy separate Warzone books, Armageddon was actually included into the core book as a separate section. The second Warzone, Pandorax, is currently only available to those who bought the collectors edition and will be released later to the general populace. How much later I have no idea. Pandorax will have a heavy amount of Chaos super heavies like the Khorne Tower of Skulls. Full list can be found here. While I feel sad stuff was split up, having separate Warzones with new stuff means more releases of models in the future possibley. I hope....

     I don't quite know how stratagems work yet along with most of the stuff in this book. I was just amused at the idea of being able to make a single bolt pistol shot that could down a Titan. This here is for people who lover Cypher and run a chaos lord to represent him.

     Another thing I don't quite understand but looks fun. Exterminatus. The farther into the game you get the higher risk you have of your stuff getting damaged, and eventually the planet is just making everything fall apart. Virus bomb doesn't appear like it would be so bad for most armies, but terrible for Dark Eldar or Orks. Might use it in the Crusade of Fir campaign game to represent the Imperium purging the sector of chaos entirely. 

     Lastly Destroyer weapons. I wanted to post this because they will show up a lot in Apoc and it's just best we all understand them now. If your hit with one of these, there is a fair chance you won't live or that you will be severely damaged. (looking at you Warhound titan)

     All in all I like the book, plenty of fun stuff and rules to read, and lots of rules to keep me busy. Expect me to write more on the subject this week as I look deeper into things. If you haven't gotten the book yet, I'm willing to answer questions in the comments below!

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