Saturday, July 13, 2013

Codex Digital Editions

     Black Library has recently started releasing Epub and Mobi filed of the codex's and other books by Games Workshop in a file format that Android, Nook, and Kindle users can use. While they do have some catching up to do with only one actual codex (Eldar) released, the quality is awesome and I have already pre ordered the Farsight Enclave and core rulebook in this format. Each book is 32.99 or 17 dollars cheaper then it's physical counterpart, and while with codex's that's not a big deal, with the rule book it's about half the price.

      So lets talk about whats in these and what makes them different from the Ipad versions. The Ipad version is interactive with pop up bubbles and rotatable versions of the models to view. Sadly since Android and Kindle have no rival format to do this, they must rely on standard eBook formats like Epub and Mobi. Another core issue I've noticed with the Android version is the book doesn't always display as intended depending on the app your using to read it and the settings. I've got Aldiko for it which is what was recommended by Black Library, and it works almost perfectly. Sadly the margins are still a bit off on the bottom causing text in the showcase section to appear on it's own page instead of the page with the picture. This however could be an unintended side effect of using an old vizio tablet. I really should upgrade....

     The book is nicely organized with the ability to pull up the table of contents and skip to the section you want, be it a section of fluff or the troop section of the army list. It's all there in full detail and easy to navigate. See a page you want to skip to extra quick? Bookmark it! The full reference section is also at the back of the book as well as previews for upcoming books. Tired of carrying around the FAQ? Don't have to anymore! Black Library intends to update the Epub files for codex's on their website so you can download the updated version of the book and be on your way!

     Page wise these books are a bit longer since there is less space on each "page" to put content. This means when browsing the army list each unit has it's own page, which in my opinion makes it much easier to focus on what I'm doing. All the upgrades are in bold print with there price off to the side of them. Again, I'm really happy with how this section is formatted on the tablets.

     The army showcase section shows a different model on each page, the text at the bottom is what I can't get to display right with Aldiko. I'm wondering if it isn't a line spacing issue but was to lazy to find out.

     The digital edition for "The Rules" is finally on it's way out, something I was hoping they would do eventually and was always curious why they didn't put it on Ipad sooner. Either way I'm looking forward to cutting out another book from the list of things I need to carry around with me. Also having a version of the book that's updated with the FAQ's will be nice. I'm wondering if they will also be updating the reference section in the back as well though...

     A preview of the weapons section and how it's now organized. Really hope the special rules section gets some love to. That's the part of the book I think I spend the most time looking at outside of the mission rules. I'm also curious to see if they leave in some of the missions and scenario's from the back of the core book, though I doubt it. It will probably just be same content that's in the DV rulebook.

     Lastly we have the Farsight Enclave book which is being released digital first. This book from the looks of it will function much in the same way as Iyanden does. Also based on some of the leaked screen caps the book mentions running an all battle suit army. While not as effective as a Tau gun line, I think if they can take battle suits as troops it will really make the army feel like a different version of the Tau Empire. The Iyanden codex supplement is also do to be released soon based on a preview in the back of Codex Eldar! So more on these editions as they release!


  1. Have they commented that they will be updated to reflect the FAQs? I thought they would be updated, but am not certain now, seeing that the Eldar codex was not updated. Even though it was released over a month after the original release, it has the same error that the printed version does (error in the reference section for the shadow weaver). I hope this is fixed, because I would really like a nice digital version that does not require the Apple tax.

    1. They stated in the comments on Facebook that the intend to. I haven't checked to see if this was already in action yet though. I am hoping they keep their word on this though.