Thursday, July 25, 2013

Commander Farsight painting (Part 1)

     Another week with life getting me down. But in honor of the second supplement by GW I got to build and paint commander Farsight for a friend! And dang is there a lot of vents in that sprue. I don't mind finecast unlike most but I still wouldn't argue if they used a cleaner casting method for some of these models... I know I was suppose to post the turret, but only one is painted to any degree and I just keep getting distracted.

Putting the base portion of the model together. Leaving most bits off for
the sake of painting the model more easily. Also added some dirt and
rock to the base to add more texture to it before priming.

Primed with all the arms dry fitted on just to see how it looks.
To be honest he looks weird without his jump pack. I guess
I should have expected that though. You can also guess the
scale of the model when compared to a Fire Warrior or the
Vengeance Weapon Battery.

Trying to paint the red without filling in the lines.....

The Dawnblade compared to a fire warrior

Base coat on the body mostly finished!
Will (hopefully) get around to posting part 2 a bit later. Need to grab some rum and focus on the painting desk.....

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