Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crusade of Fire. The end of a long phase in the war.

     The Crusade of Fire has still been going on full swing and this Sunday marks the battle for Voidspan point and the start of turn 3. Turn 2 took a lot longer then ever intended but the end is finally nigh and the last challenges are being rushed this last Sunday. Which was a busy day for us all. All 4 tables in my friends basement we're in use with 6 40K games in total being played over the course of the afternoon. Took some pics of the games as they were progressing for people to see. For a basement gaming club we have quite a bit of stuff going on.

Chaos Space Marines vs Necrons! The scorpion is a
defiler. Table is just some boring hills and ruins

Raptors eyeing a new targer

Eldar vs Flesh Tearers! Battle took place in a rustic
village area. The villagers probably didn't approve...
This was the Eldar players first time with the new rule

 Black Templar VS Deathguard! Light (slightly unpainted)

city ruins on this board. Someday I might help my friend
paint the shelves of terrain that's all just sitting primed.

The last game I got pics of was Grey Knights VS Orks.
The orks need more spacious towns.

 This battle took place on a table we just refer to as
"old mexico". Somehow it's always seemed fitting to
the orks....
Then I have some shots of the Voidspan point table we
will be using this coming Sunday. We did paint those
pieces of foam a few days after setting up the table.
Just wanted to see how it would all look and make sure
there was enough space to fight on.

     Will try and take lots of points of the scenario once the armies are deployed. I'm really excited to finally get to the first major battle of the Crusade, though I think Sovven will be crazier. Either way updates on this to come!

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