Saturday, July 20, 2013

Farsight Enclave supplement

     The Farsight Enclaves codex supplement and the 6th Edition rule book both released today, and while I have yet to purchase the core book I did get the Farsight book so my friend didn't have to wait for the hard cover copy. The Farsight Enclave book follows the same pattern as the Iyanden book with a couple pages for army special rules and warlord traits. The enclave also does a FoC change, moving crisis suits to troops while on the other side banning Shadowsun and Aun'va. Another trade off is the Enclaves can ONLY use signature systems from the Farsight book. This surprised me because Iyanden could choose either or, though I think these trade offs are to prevent all the Tau players from just taking the book and using it for crisis suits as troops.

    Another interesting thing this book does it, is it takes away Farsight's body guard team, and replaces it with a Commander Team. The commander team takes no FoC slow and is a squad of up to 7 named special characters, including a riptide and a broadside. Having this many independent special characters does add up in points quickly though, close to a 1350 points for the full Commander Team. Again though they are all independent characters and can go join other units.

     Now fluff wise, the book is awesome, finally the full story of O'shovah is here to learn and read. This does kill some of the mystery behind the character, but some mystery still remains. The Dawnblade for example, nobody knows where it came from still. They explain what it does, prolonging farsights life and how it prolongs it, but farsight doesn't know himself how it works either. The book also explains a lot about his affinity for close combat, and his idea of what the greater good really is. Also if your wondering why he leaves the Empire, they explain that to, but I won't spoil it...

     This book showed that there is no strict structure to the supplements, and that what each of these contains is just what needs to be added to make that army variant feel unique and true to fluff. Now come on Imperial Fist book! (slim chance but I can dream!) Next week I will try and look at the core book if I can get it!

    I know I said I'd post my vengeance battery painting pics yesterday, but work and life issues happened and I will do my best to get those finished and posted tomorrow.

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