Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hobby Update!

     Busy long week full of doubles at work and not much hobby time. I did manage to read more Horus Heresy books. Right now I'm in the middle of Angel Exterminatus and after reading the first story in Primarchs that revolves around the Emperor's Children I decided they would be a cool 30K army to eventually start. So I used this as an excuse to finally get a Legion Praetor set and start pushing 30K on my gaming group.

     The reason for choosing the third legion is the story. Both while loyalist and traitors the legion has a lot of personality that's very well reflected in it's unit's and style. The contrast between the Palatine Blades and the Kakophonie Noise Marines from FW is a great indicator as to how the legion has fallen. I also like the idea of slowly working on an army that can be fielded as a CSM army since both the CSM and the Astartes Legion Emperor's Children have access to noise marines, though the rules for the Legion version aren't in Betrayal they will be in the book Massacre when that's release along with the Phoenix Guard. 

     Out of the 2 I'm going to use the Legion Praetor in Power armour to make a Saul Tarvitz figure until an official one is made. I'm assuming Tarvitz will be released in a character box along side Lucius since the two we're so close, but I could be wrong. The Cataphractii Praetor will probably be painted for my Imperial Fist and used as a chapter master, though I will have to replace the Vulkite Calaver to use him in 40k.... =(

     This army is another slight side project but it does have some plans. The MK-IV marine armour seems to be most common based on the current models for Palatine Blades and the WIP models of the Kakophonie Noise Marines. I might still use other marks of armour  here and there, but I think the Mk-IV fits the EC very well.

      Tomorrow is another double and I really don't have much free time this week. But I will do my best to get some updates on the finishing of Commander Farsight and some other stuff done while also talking about other crazy hobby related things.


  1. Very nice! I just picked up the HH books a couple weeks ago - about half way through Galaxy in Flames - and I'm loving them, though I can't wait to get a little more depth in other legions.

    1. I've read about 12 of the books as if today. "Angel Exterminates" which picks up after the short story in "Primarch". Then before that I read Fulgrim. Choosing a legion for 30K has been really hard though, as they all have cool models and characters...