Sunday, July 7, 2013

Krieg command squad, snow, and High elves!

     Long day, just got off of work and biked the few miles home, still getting use to that but got to get in shape somehow. The last two days have been pretty eventful and I've managed to get quite a bit done. High elves army got a boost, my Imperial Fist are finally coming together again, and my death korp command squad came! But more on those dudes later in the post...
     A friend of mine gave me two starter sets worth of high elves.This has me up to the 2500 points I need to play in the tournament Sept 1st at Mage-con South 30! I still wish I could replace the swordsmen with phoenix guard but the sheer bulk of them now will compensate. I also took one of the mages and converted him onto horseback to provide my army with more magic abilities and such. Still not sure how that all works yet...

     Also started testing snow on my tanks this week. So far so good on this one but I think it needs work here and there. I tested the snow on several other models as well. The only think is it can look really odd when the glue dries if you don't get enough of the snow powder stuff mixed in with the glue. 

Other side of the tank!

On some bases! These turned out well and I look forward
to having some snowy kriegsmen.

My Death Korp of Krieg command squad! FINALLY!

    Really happy with these models.... The feel small compared to power armour but it's something I think I will get over. Some of the bits are a bit hard to put together as well but what can you do... Next step is painting them but I need to get some more black GW primer. I don't feel like using dollar store primer on the HQ's for my newest army. Sadly I won't be able to show them off at any tournaments probably for along time. They will take a while to grow the army up some....

     Next Monday I wll be buying the new Black Library PDF's for the Apoc cards, and Eldar book. Also if there teaser pic is to be believed, on the 13 I can pre-order the Farsight supplement. So reviews of that soon! I want to talk more about the supplements once another one is out since I have the first. Then it will be easier to look at the future of them.

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