Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vengeance Weapon Battery (Part 1)

     Went to my local shop today and discovered they had the new fortifications in. Being to impatient to wait for my Thunderfire cannon, and wanting something new for the tournament next month, I bought the Vengeance weapon system. I plan to test both tower types over the course of the next month and see how well the function on the tabletop. From what I can tell in the rules both guns are only BS2 because they're automated, which is a huge damper on the Punisher Gatling Cannon. The Battle cannon however isn't effected as much in my opinion. But I guess I will find out....

     A small several page rule book is included in the box and contains the rules for the weapon batteries and running them in your standard games of 40K. I like how the book is more then just a cheap looking sheet of rules, and hope they release more fortifications in this manner in the future. The fortification is 75 points for one weapon battery with a punisher cannon. a second battery can be added for another 75 points, and any batter can be upgraded to have a battle cannon for 10 points. The batteries are armour 14 buildings that are impassable and don't hold units I guess. They have no firing points, and are automated.

     A weird thing that was pointed out before is the bits are not on sprues, they're in ziplock bags inside a sealed shrink wrapped box. These is so they don't require some super huge box and I guess it saves you needing sprue cutters. I like the idea but some of the spots where the machine cut the sprue went into the model a tad. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with Green stuff though.

     My biggest complaint about this kit is GW still doesn't make things easy to magnetize so I just built the first battery with the Battle Cannon since I face a lot of power armour. By the second battery though I did find a way to do it so that one can be switched. I'll probably buy another one of this fortification though just so I don't have to work so hard with magnets....

     Finally here is one of the batteries finished. I left the little side panels with the skeletons off because I wanted a plainer look for the bunker section. As you can see it's a pretty decent size and while still a bit on the expensive side for 50 bucks most online retailers and ebay will have them for 40, and that isn't to bad for what you get. I'm happy with them and definitely think they're a cool fortification.

Tomorrow I paint them... I hope.

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