Monday, July 8, 2013

Voidspan Point!

     Finally did the battle for Voidspan point. So while I don't have a lot to say right now I do have a lot of pictures. Overall it was a big battle, 3k points a team, 4 teams, 12 players. All of this on a 8x6 table! took about 6 hours to do. Chaos one by having most Warlord kills by 1. objective wise it was a tie between 4 factions and  the landing pad was contested.

Imperium deployed in the fortress of redemption!

Xenos and Chaos deploying close to each other.

Ork boys hold a bunker. But that doesn't last long...

Farther back version of first shot with Tau and Inquisition
Faction deploying in the back corner.

Chaos defiler does what he wants.

The Generals of the chaos armies discuss their tactics before
deep striking on the board.

Grey Knight players from the Inquisition team attack
the Space Marines

From the other side of the table!

The view from chaos's table side.

The full chaos army. and the orks....

     All in all it was a fun scenario. Thinking of more and tomorrow I might start planning some terrain and do more work on my Warlord Titan. Also have some pics of my death korp with paint on them!

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