Friday, July 12, 2013

Warhammer 40K:Space Marine, a game that deserves a sequel.

    So this will be kind of a long and ranting post on the game Space Marines made by THQ's studio Relic. (Now owned by sega) The 40K franchise has been controlled in the video game world side of things almost exclusively by THQ, who made the franchise well known to non table top enthusiast threw their Dawn of War series. This is in fact how I discovered Warhammer in the first place. So about the game....

Choppin some orks

     The game itself is a standard 3rd Person shooter that manages to blend the violent melee combat involved with using chain swords and other various weapons with the awesome fire power and ranged combat of the 41st millennium. The bolter and chains sword are the main weapons and both are fun to use and very satisfying as you rip xenos and heretic alike apart. Other weapons are also present however and while their roles in the game aren't exactly traditional they do fit them. My favorite load-out so far is the Storm Bolter and the Stalker pattern Boltgun. The games health mechanics we're even bloody. The only way to heal was to brutally execute orks and traitor marines. Something I never felt bad doing....

Titus showing what true dakka is.

     The game does have it's cons though. The story follows captain Titus who while a genuinely bad ass character, especially for an Ultra-smurf, isn't actually a canon character. The whole story is an alternate version of 40K's or happens sometime before or after Cato becomes captain of the second company. Just saying he's from 5th company or something would have fixed this odd issue. Second, why is his squad only 2 other dudes? Where does the codex allow this? I know Titus doesn't exactly agree with the whole book (thank the emperor) but even he would have to agree a captain, a sergeant, and a random noob is an odd team combination. A full command squad being present but getting separated would have fixed this.
     Another strong point the game had was the class based multiplayer. The multiplayer was fun, fast paced, and violent. The player was randomly set as a CSM or Space Marine in chapter colors and armour of his choosing and unleashed to fight the enemy for kill points or strategic objectives. The classes we're split up into Tactical Marine which used Boltguns, plasma guns, and melta guns (special weapons). The Assault Marine/Raptor which had a jump pack and close combat weapons from chain swords to the Chaos Mauls. Then lastly the Devastator which used heavy weapons to kill from afar. Nothing is more fun then camping with a heavy bolter and mowing down anyone who dare oppose you....

     Sadly as much as I enjoyed the multiplayer it was not perfect. The games used peer 2 peer networks which ment if you host suck the whole game suck. Also THQ's map selection process isolated those with DLC from everyone else, this ended up making everyone leave their new DLC behind in favor of actually having people to play with. This to me sucks because I've got like 6 maps I've never seen, and Dreadnought assault is probably one of the best game modes ever. Because Dreadnoughts. Seriously, the Assault cannon on a dreadnought was brutal to anyone who decided he could run out in front of your bullet sprinkler.
     Another fun game-type which was part of a free DLC was Exterminatus addon. This allowed for you and 3 others to run around different levels fighting waves of orks and heretics using the various multiplayer load outs and trying to survive. They even had a mission where you played chaos paired with a later DLC.
     Sadly I must admit a sequel will never come. Relic even set up a cliffhanger at the end to continue the story. So it's kind a huge bummer. Personally I'd like to see a sequel just to have the multiplayer expanded on. It had a lot of potential with the classes. They could have added in classes to unlock like the tech marine and Librarian, or added vehicle combat. This would all work especially well on the upcoming generation of consoles since the battles could support more then the current standard of 16 players per game. Hopefully eternal crusade fulfills my craving for another Space Marine shooter, but that's a long ways off. So in the meantime I shall continue work on my Deathwatch game, using Space Marine as the primary influence...

If you played this game and enjoyed it, what was your favorite part of it? What do you think could have been better? WHY WAS THERE NO FLAMERS?!

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  1. Hopefully someday it will get the sequel it deserves!