Friday, August 30, 2013

Abaddon, Warmaster of the Black Legion! (part 1)

    A project I've always wanted to do is take and make the FW Abaddon more chaosy, though I don't feel like I did the project justice. I need to get green stuff and some tools and start practicing with that then maybe try this again down the line. Either way I now have a Abaddon I can use to lead a small force of Chosen I might eventually put together, and I'm happy with him even if he isn't the most chaosy abby on th tables/


Pile of rubble!

Gave him a chaose lighting claw, the one he came with
was just not chaosy enough for me.

Added the bolter to the back to make it a more fluffy
Talon of Horus.

His head! so angry....

assembled wit putty!



Primed with some details painted!

On his base! Complete with dead DA

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