Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Commander Farsight and Stripping paint.

     Finally got around to finish this guy for my friend. It's hard to do edge highlights when you don't have steady hands and you new to the whole concept. Also this guy has a lot of lines....  All in all he could use some touching up, for now he's ready to hit the table and kills some greenskins!

side view

Dawnblade, one of the parts I'm not happy with paint wise.

     Also had to restrip the paint from my cataphractii terminators today. The spray can was being weird so they and Lysander had this weird texture to them when they were primed. It's bugged me for a long time and so I finally decided to fix it. But simple green is slow and break fluid is to harsh on resin, so I decided to try acetone free nail polish remover. This stuff worked in about 15 minutes I could scrub the model down and most of the paint was gone. Trade of is it smells nasty.

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