Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Legion Praetor painting (part 1) (pic heavy)

     With heavy space marine rumors abound and a new book around the corner that will apparently (hopefully) play my Imperial Fist more fluff wise with their own minor rule changes (and eventually a supplement) I took these Legion Praetors to make chapter masters! One in artificer armour and the other in Cataphractii. Originally I was going to use the power armour for a Saul Tarvitz HH conversion but then decided MK-III armour was the wrong style for the Emperor's children since all of their special units are styled after MK-IV armour. I couldn't bring myself to cut the guns off of these models, I will proxy them or do what I can when I have to, but they were to awesome to ruin....

     Now these FW sets are a work of art. All the intricacies of the artificer armour you'd expect for a Praetor or Chapter master but it doesn't look overwhelming or busy compared to GW's Masters of the chapter set. GW's sets are cool and fill in some roles pretty well, but FW's ability to add subtle detail instead of just more lorals or purity seals is awsome. These models have all the detail you could want down to the pistons and servo's in the back of the knee joints, something curiously absent on the standard cataphractii. But again these are suppose to be special. The weapons the come with are also awesome. But I'll discuss those as we go.

Anyways... I'll ramble on in another blog post later... for now! the pics!

Cataphractii suits with a Paragon Blade and Volkite Charger.
Depending on what the new codex holds, it will be counts as
power sword/relic blade and combi-graviton gun.
(Note that a Volkite charger is not a pistol)

Artificer Armour with Archaeotech Pistol and Paragon
Blade. Again depending on what new codex holds will
probably run pistol as a plasma or graviton.

Another shot of the detail on the Artificer armour.

Archaeotech pistol! This thing alone is awesome.

The 2 Paragon blades and the Volkite Charger.

Primed and colored yellow!

cataphractii getting detail filled in.

Body with no wash.

Body with wash! Added the blue glue in back of head
area since you always see that in art.

Added the head! Covered up cool blue glow... =(

Arms! Just need to ass Imperial Fist Iconography somehow.

Starting the artificer armour!

Body with most of it's colors. Messed up trying to free
hand the VII on the tabard thing. Need a better way to
do letters...

Added the arm!

Washed body and right arm. Added head which was also
painted as a seperete piece. Left arm is pinned but not
glued yet. Was making sure everything fit okay.

Should have these guys both finished and based in the next hour or two. Also this week I will be testing and reviewing the Army Painter Daemonic yellow for the purposes of speeding up painting yellow things. Then on Friday or Saturday I should be getting a box with 10 MK-III marines and Armenneus Valthex to act as Sternguard and my armies primary master of the Forge. Valthex will be given more appropriate adeptus mechanicus and imperial fist shoulder pads. The astral Claw pads will go in a bucket with the rest of the odd chapter pads for my Deathwatch style Sternguard squad I want to make. 

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