Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Legion Praetor painting (part 2)

     Part to of my painting my legion praetors (Chapter Master's), though both will technically act as the same character just armed for different situation. Still some touch up stuff to be done and still trying to think of  way to add Imperial Fist Icons to the Cataphractii dude.

Painting the left arm and putting a gloss varnish on the
shoulderpad to lock the decal down. Both marine
models have varnish on the shoulders because it looks
cool in my opinion.

second arm on model! Just needs his back mounted
power plant.

Threatening a dude. He shot first.

finished model in different lighting.

The rear of the model so you can see some of the other
odd details like the vents at the bottom of the legs or the
extra sections of fiber bundles.

New picture in different lighting. Power sword is all
glossed up.

The rear of the cataphractii. The power plant vents and
other odd details really add to this. Also liked the addition
of the fiber bundles and servo's in the leg. a small thing that
really adds to the model.
     To wrap this up I'm really friggen happy with these models. A lot of character and detail in them with some cool guns to boot. Also probably the best I've gotten the yellow to turn out.

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