Thursday, August 29, 2013

New White Dwarf, Marines, FW, news, and more news. ( really pic heav)

     Long week full of work and school but I got the new WD early and that makes it all better! With great news! a screenshot of one of the Elites section pages was in the WD and I could make out some of the prices. Base dreadnoughts are now 100 (down 5 points) which isn't a big deal, but Legion of the damned gained 2 new rules (Fear and incendiary rounds) and their base cost dropped 30 points plus they are 5 points cheaper per additional model. Sternguard and Vanguard also got a bit cheaper but not quite the drop LotD got. Also a lot of cool bits in this release. Lots of them....

Centurions! They've grown on me...

Full cover!

No codex supplement in this WD I think because Apoc gets one instead.
Necrons vs marines in this one mainly.

Special Edition covers!!!!

The strike force for people who just want to spend the
220, and get a full army. Not a bad deal, add in the spikeybits
20% off and you have a damn good deal. If this thing stays...

Plastic Chaplain from Reclusiarch/Command squad set

Plastic captain with combi-graviton gun

More of the captain

Plastic Librarian! Not a fan of the cyborg baby though.

More of the details

vanguard weapons

vanguard armour bits

graviton pistol

graviton gun!

Helmets and stuff from new tactical squad box! 3 beakies!

More centurion pics including graviton gun and grav amp.

Imperial Fist Assault centurions!

FW Erebus! Awesome model!
FW HH characters are worth it even if you don't play 30K.

WIP FW Kor Phaeron model, still a bit plain when
this was taken.

Horus Heresy: Massacre (Part 1) pages! The Iron Hands
fluff section!

Horus Heresy: Massacre (Part 1) pages! Night Lords

Parting shot!

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