Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thunderfire cannon painting!

     The Thunderfire Cannon is one of the awesome generally forgotten about models in the Space Marine codex and one I hope stays how it is in the new edition, but I'll talk about those rumors later. Now the Thunderfire is a model I've wanted for a while. It fits the siege theme I'm always trying to get with my army, and I feel the use of artillery for offensive and weapon batteries for defensive is a good way to represent this.

Techmarine! Techmarine's are friggen bad ass models and
I wish they could have termy armour....

Adding color to the gunner.

Minor conversion on the arm to add a finecast Imperial
Fist chapter icon.

Body and cannon pretty much done.

Base colors on Servo-Harness.

Model completed.

Techmarine front.

Tech Marine rear.
     I really want a couple more thunder fire cannons, and I think it would be awesome to convert some vengeance weapon batteries to house these. Sadly more will have to wait for after the next SM codex launch rumored to be next month. The centurions I will be getting at least 2 boxes of if they're what I think they are and I'd like another tactical squad to since they're getting a reboxing. I plan for this to be the only launch I spend an actual crap ton of money, and I plan to review everything I get in separate post!

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