Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Valthex and MK-III Sternguard!

     Short update today before I go to work, I just got my Valthex Master of the Forge and 10 MK-III marines with phobes pattern bolters. Valthex I figured would be a good HQ choice even with the new Space Marine codex coming out in 2-3 weeks. The MK-III marines are here to be stenguard since their armour style meshes well with the Cataphractii terminators and my chapter masters. Will probably be the last bunch of resin I get until some time after the new SM launch since I do really want some centurions.

Valthex! will have to bend the whips to the shape I
want other then that the model is mostly cleaned up
and ready to work on! I have a finecaste Imperial Fist
shoulder pad for him as well.

Mk-III marines, took a while to sort all the bits out,
and I still have a lot of cleaning to do on them, but
Hopefully that won't take me to much longer!

     Sadly working on these guys may have to wait a day or to as I'm out of super glue and primer.... Sad day...

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