Saturday, August 24, 2013

MK-III progress (part 1)

      Well, some progress has been made on my MK-III marines, but I still don't have primer so until I get that I'm at a stand still. A few things I noticed about the MK-III Iron armour (40K version) versus the Legion MK-III armour, is that the extra armour plates on the forearm get in the way of the gun fitting on the hand. With the GW plastic bolters they were originally made for it's not so bad, but with FW Phobos bolters I have to cut out a small chunk of the back of the gun behind the grip to make it fit. While this doesn't look bad it's a bit of extra effort and makes me a little sad every time I did it. Secondly, the sternguard resin heavy bolter was not made to fit these guys arm sets, that took some work and a tiny amount of green stuff to figure out. I'm assuming a FW heresy era bolter would have fit no problem, but I had none on hand.

All the bits I showed the first time!

Chainsaw bayonets!

Assembly, they seem shorter the MK-VII marines from
GW,  but I thought the same about the DK compared
to Cadians. 

Modified one of the bolters to have the combi-plasma
attachment for the Sergeant. Combi bit I cut off a
Finecast combi-plasma since I still wanted to use a
larger Phobos bolter.

Heads all on!

The arms on the Sergeant are assembled but they aren't
glued since I want to paint them first, they slide up and
off the body.

Comparison of FW's Iron armour to GW's old version
of it from way back when.

Old power plant and Phobos bolters compared to the
new ones!

     And on a not so unrelated note, Valthex has been redone for the Imperial Fist! There is a con next weekend with a 1400 point 40K tourney and I'm debating using him since his giving a whole squad hellfire bolts could prove useful. Also a Abaddon half of the Abaddon/Loken set I got off Ebay for a conversion should be here today. Going to make a better chaos abaddon using the pre heresy model since the old metal one is lame. (in my opinion) Going to take a lot of work though.

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