Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why can't I hold all these space marine leaks?

     A lot of you are probably aware of the new space marine leaks if not all of you. I for one was curious with them coming up with new tech or progressing the story what really could they add? (centurions...) What fluff justifies the existence of a new infantry type and 2 and air flyers? Why not just make a plastic version of FW's anti air whirlwind missile rack? So many questions!

Below I've tracked down all the models exept the other anti-air thing. 

     Plastic HQ's! 20 dollars a piece and still not as useful as the SM commander set which is what they should have just updated. Still, cool sculpts. Sadly none really fit my army, with the exception of maybe the chaplain....

    I'm going to be honest, the chassis is awesome. I feel like this was meant for artillery or something more then anti air, but alas it's not.... Still might get it just for the chassis though. maybe....

Plastic Sternguard with a combi-graviton gun! I like that weapon.
the marine is okay to.... I feel like these new models are really busy,
but at the same time I think it will work well for making a deathwatch
Kill team out of them with the right chapter shoulder pads...

Full set of plastic MK-VIII! But it has that damn robe.
I'd love fielding squads of marine's in this armour.

A pretty standard dude. but now with hair! something
GW is apparently standardizing threw out the legions chapter.

Another dude with hair! Also more plastic combi-weapons!
 Out of all the pics of what you can build with Sternguard
kit, this dude looks like he'd kick your ass. Happy to see they
took the resin heavy flamer and made a plastic counterpart!
Salamanders players rejoice!

Centurions... Going to get at least one set and magnetize but
I'm really on the fence about the models. But they look cool
and the siege ones do fit the theme of the Imperial Fist.
Curious to see if it will give 3 sets of every weapon in the kit?

Vanguard Veterans... Something I don't think I'll ever use sadly.
Just doesn't fit my style. and if I did want to run them I'd use
all FW MK-III armour to match my sternguard I ordered.
But dat set o bitz.....

and most importantly! New tactical squad box! graviton guns!
Mohawks! Reloading poses! Less stupid squating poses!
Yes they look plain as ever but with a full set of MK-VI armour
and plenty of new versions of the bits and weapons you love, I think
I'll actually get some of these kits.
     Right now apart from tactical's and centurions, I can't say I'm sold on anything. I was hoping for a new Land Raider kit (I'm looking at you Ares pattern). Thankfully the rules themselves should make this whole launch worth it. Might actually try and get LE codex with the Imperial Fist cover.

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