Monday, September 30, 2013

Sternguard progress (part 1?)

     What is coming as really slow progress because of my arm with my sternguard is still progress and I rather enjoy getting into painting again after 2 weeks of pretty much nothing. Still not fully back into the swing of things but enough so to get these models shaping up. I have to take breaks plenty and often while working still though so things like my sergeants banner did take a lot longer then it normally would have. The Sternguard I want to really stand apart from the rest of my army. Because they're first company veterans assisting the third company, the needed the black armour trim more common with the first company and it helps when mixed with the armour give a nice throwback to the crusade era of the Imperial Fist. 

     The unlike normal codex which is white helmets for veterans i decided to use red. The white on yellow just wasn't floating my boat, and it had to go. The Sergeant's helmet does have the white stripe though to help further stand him apart from his brethren. I like people to be able to look at my models and easily distinguish who is who.
      The full squad does still need some work as only the base coats on the helmets are really done. The arms and shoulders are currently separate bits to be painted and then glued (carefully). Part of me wishes I would have added another combi-gun into the mix but I didn't feel it really necessary with the special ammo for anything other then terminators or vehicles.

     Another squad that needs a lot of the work is the 3rd tactical squad, or green squad. The only changes I've made to them being their kneepad is green to denote the marines in that squad. Red squad and Blue squad having already had there knee pads recolored a while ago. This squad is unique though as it uses almost exclusively the really old snap together marines. The details in them aren't as sharp so painting them they will look a bit meh compared to other squads but I want to replace all my tacticals anyways.

     Anyways that's the end of this update. More tonight or tomorrow maybe as I get more of the Sternguard done.  

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sentinels of Terra, A space marine(Imperial Fist) supplement!!!

     While I don't intent to cover everything going on at the Gamesday events this weekend, the Sons of Dorn were blessed by the Emperor. Despite rumors saying white scars would get the first supplement, Imperial Fist stole the spot light. The Sentinels of Terra was an odd title for what looked to be an IF supplement and according to this article on and several other websites, the book covers the Imperial Fist 3rd company. Which just happens to be the company I (and many other IF players) have... Lysander is also suppose to be rather heavy in the book at points though so not really sure where he fits in. He was at one point a sergeant in the third company.

     While rules wise nothing much has been released except a few mission pages, the book releases in digital format around the corner here in October. So I wont have to wait long to get my hands on it. The missions based on what was shown focus on the 3rd companies battles with the Iron Warriors on a planet called Taladorn? Part of me hopes this also means we can see an Iron Warriors sup for Chaos soon, but that's pushing my luch.

     Another thing the book introduces is a special character, Captain Garadon, who I can only assume is the third company captain. What wargear and warlord traits will be introduced in this book, is anyone's guess. I can't see any FoC changes, but anything that lends to the siege theme of the Imperial Fist is good in my book. Would also like to see the Warlord traits as I only really care for 2 in the Space Marine book, and Lysander comes with one of them. 

     Following the theme of Imperial Fist new released, the Imperial Fist are the first to be show using the Legion Kharybdis Assault Claw. The current one in the picture is seen latched into the side of an Iron Warriors vessel during the Battle of Phall at the beginning of the Horus Heresy. Won't see any unique models though for IF until next HH book (book 3). 

Inside the Iron Warriors vessel, and the Chaos of the
boarding action taking place. 
I just like the picture of the assault ram....

And finally, IA-Volume 2 - 2nd Editon.
Finally an updated book with all the Space Marine
weapons from FW!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Emperor's Children Legion Kakophoni from FW

     Arm is still in a sling and keeping me from having fun and painting. But at least Forge World gives me things to look at in the mean time. I really want to do an army for Horus Heresy and have been very torn this entire time on which one. Emperors children are just barely beating out the Sons of Horus. Especially with these new Kakophoni models and the phoenix terminators.

his face, it's kinda ugly now. poor guy....

     I like the regal look of thw Emperor's Children and how their new look contrast. it makes for a really good theme and really shows how the Legions fallen from grace.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Genesis of a Primarch Ferrus Manus The Gorgon with Simon Egan

     Models like this are the reason i want to collect the Primarchs. This guy is awesome, and when base to base with Fulgrim, it creates a really awesome Diorama. I really should try and get all these models.

Battle Report!

     Played a quick game for our campaign last night. Imperial Fist vs Farsight Enclave! Objective was capture the relic with Hammer and Anvil, 2000 points. My warlord is my new (unpainted...) Lysander against commander o'shovah, A dual that never happened sadly...

Deployed marines.

deployed Tau

Tau go straight for the relic with a squad of suits.

Farsight Deepstrikes into the ruins i was in. 

Imperium troops advance on the objective. Land raider gets
immobilized turn 2 and doesnt get to move anymore. =(

Helping each other up the ramp. Jerry almost fell...

The dice that got cocked on a flat surface. How i will never know.
 I blame chessix.

Tau deployement zone fills with marines. The Ironclads drop pod
landed in the unpainted cathedral turn one. Ironclad had a long walk to the fight.

Farsight starts cleaning out my deployment zone. First the Dev
squad, then the scouts.

 Imperial Fist manage to steal the relic.

Ironclad comes out to play!
     In the end score was 4-2 in my armies favor.we had first blood and relic. Tau had slay the warlord and Line breaker. I had a 3 man tac squad holding the objective. Later i might post some of the very slow work on my tanks. Painting with my arm in a sling is hard.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tanks for Dorn!

     Not a lot to post but i got these from a friend for a decent price as he's selling off one of his armies to play other games. Can't do much right now with a broken arm but did manage to get them primed using a light layer of GW Skull White and a layer if Army Painter Daemonic Yellow. Now maybe next week i can finish them.....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Erebus and Kor Phaeron

These mini's speak for themselves. That Erebus is awesome.

Monday, September 16, 2013

How do i Hobby?

     So not a lot to this update. Been busy with work and school then a few days ago i managed to destroy my new bicycle and break my elbow and possibly my wrist. So i can't paint, and i'm typing left handed (I'm right handed) so it' takes a long time to say anything i want. but i did managed to test new SM dex and i'm very happy with it so far. Tested it against crons with good results! Also since i need to hobby a little outside games, i put my seaguard and swodsmen on bases and primed the swordsmen. I wanna do more with fantasy but we shall see!

     Anyways, i will try and make some more updates as my arm heals. hate not being able to paint.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Codex: Space Marines thoughts so far! (Chapter Tactics)

     So it's finally here! The Emperor's gift to his faithful players! The book itself is awesome if not a bit large since it covers the 6 main chapters + Black Templar as well as their successors. Crimson Fist got a larger section then most successors. The amount of fluff in this book is pretty awesome and I think I accidently read it all already but need to double check. Everything from the Centurions, to all the special Bolters made by the Salamanders (Dat Techmarine one is sexy) to why the Ironhands hate being human. The Ultramarines are no longer the overbearing presence they were back in 5th ed as well. But let's talk about what makes the book really awesome. The changes to Chapter tactics....

      The first change is special characters can't be mixed now, they are linked to their chapter. No more Calgar and Vulkan or anything like that. Lysander and Kantor can't even be mixed even though they use same chapter tactics. Kantor's Icon in the Army List is clearly shown as being for Crimson Fist only (ie: It's a red fist logo and not a black one). This kills special characters in custom chapters for the most part which is a shame, but I think with the new chapter rules and the updates to captains and such, it will all balance out.

     Ultramarines chapter tactics are arguably the worst, especially if you don't run a balanced list. Yes each Combat Doctrine does do some benefit to the units outside it's name sake, but it's generally not enough to make a lasting impact on the battle. Calgar does allow you to use one of these options twice. Of course Calgar is also the best for deciding Warlord traits. The Ultramarines idea of being balanced though is well represented via their rules and characters at any rate.

      The White Scars probably seem to be getting a boost. While Khan lost his outflank but now any unit with Chapter Tactics (White Scars) or said units dedicated transport, get the scout special rule. On top of this their chapter tactics grant them two special rules, "Born in the saddle" and "Fight on the move". Very assault bike army here, and I think A lot of White Scar players will be happy with this.

     The Imperial Fist, my chapter, the chapter tactics I've been waiting for. I can't begin to say how happy the tank hunter on my devastators and Centurion Dev's makes me. Bolter drill being Army (chapter?) wide now will be interesting to see compared to Lysander old version. Fluff wise we also have more Thunderfire cannons and Dev Centurions then anyone else so I can continue to run Thunderfires (which now have barrage) all the time.

     Lysander did get a Nerf this addition though. 230 points now, no bolter drill, no army wide stubborn, and he lost Bolster defenses. The loss of bolster defenses shouldn't matter to much though as I always have at least one Techmarine in my armies. Either way he's still a beast in CC, and he now gives re-rolls to moral and pinning test to all units from Imperial Fist within 12 inches of him, and his Warlord Trait is Champion of Humanity which grants the player D3 victory points for Lysander killing the other players warlord in a challenge. Also he has termy armour for a 5+ invul, an Iron halo for 4+, and a stormshield. Why The Iron Halo is there I have no idea. The Hammer of Dorn is also just now labeled as a S10 AP1 hammer. So no disputing how much it's going to hurt when it collides with your face.

     Now if we could just get a Supplement with the Sword of Sebastus I'll be happy.

     The Black Templar at first glance got screwed getting rolled into SM but I really don't think so. Their army rules make them unique, they have just as many chapter only units as the Ultramarines, and they can still take LR Crusaders as dedicated transports for the now cheaper and more practical Crusader Squads. The Emperor's Champion didn't change much except he can now insta-death things with his sword and the sword is now AP 2 and it hits at EC's I5. So I guess he changed a bit... Helbrecht is still pretty decent in CC as well but lacks the ap 2 weapon might make it a bit tough when dualing anything with a 2+. In the end I think these guys will be seen on the table top again.

     The Ironhands are the black sheep of the codex with no special character. Best bet for a good fluffy HQ is a Master of the Forge with the Shield Eternal (fancy relic storm shield), this gives you a survivable HQ for not a bad points cost (165 with shield and power axe). Still though, I would like to see them get a special character down the line. Again looking forward to the supplement to hopefully do this. Thanks to the chapter tactics though these guys are the hardest to kill of the main chapters, and will have the best mech list. (Ironclad Dreadnoughts with "It will not die" anyone?)

     The Salamanders chapter hasn't changed much. The melta portion of the chapter tactics is now under a special rule for taking Vulken while Flamers are entirely covered under the Flamecraft special rule. Master Artisan however is new and a very cool thing since that Mastercrafted could help you get that extra help with those combi weapon shots. (get hot on combi-plasma) Hoping when they get a supp we will get to see more of those nifty boltguns.

     Raven Guard have kind of been down on the totem pole next to Iron Hands for a while now, but detestably have one of the best rule set ups for an assault army in 6th edition so far. Also if they don't get Assault Squads as troops in a supplement down the line I will be down right amazed since all of their rules make that seem like something that should have happened already, especially with shrike.

     Chapter tactics are awesome though with no chapter really being over powered over another from what I can see. Hopefully it stays that way....

     And for those wondering how the Army List works, any chapter specific entries have their corresponding chapter icon in the upper left corner of it's entry. As you can see from this image, just above and to the side of the word Crusader Squad it has a Black Templar chapter Icon so you know only BT get that unit.

Well, off for now but will probably be back on tomorrow to talk more about unit changes!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


In an odd turn of events another Space Hulk game is being released but this time it's FPS
instead of turn based strategy. You even get to play as a Librarian!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Deathwatch game progress.

Why can't I hold all these bolters?

     A while back, anyone paying attention may remember me saying I was working on a deathwatch game. While I don't have a lot of progress right now to show I did get some models into UDK and have basic controls done. The game will be a top down action shooter similar to the Kill Team XBLA game, and currently is using models from Warhammer: 40,000-Space Marine. Normally using models from one of GW's games would be a bit of a concern for copy right reasons. But since I don't intend to release it at this point (at least until I can make unique assets) I don't think it will be a problem. Can't be sued for a school project.... I think.

Mage-con South 30

     Pics from Mage-con south 30 from this last weekend! games everywhere from 40K to X-wing and mountains of board games. While probably a smaller convention for the Midwest though, we aren't immune from the current Tau/Eldar list plaguing the internet right now.

     Apart from the X-wing pics, you might notice all the tables have a river. That's because the games objectives were custom made by a friend instead of the Eternal War mission, as they get a bit old. Having the objectives based on taking the bridge or getting your suicide squad killed on the other side of the river required a bit more thought then I anticipated since my list was based around holding objectives from the normal missions. But that just made it more interesting.