Friday, September 20, 2013

Battle Report!

     Played a quick game for our campaign last night. Imperial Fist vs Farsight Enclave! Objective was capture the relic with Hammer and Anvil, 2000 points. My warlord is my new (unpainted...) Lysander against commander o'shovah, A dual that never happened sadly...

Deployed marines.

deployed Tau

Tau go straight for the relic with a squad of suits.

Farsight Deepstrikes into the ruins i was in. 

Imperium troops advance on the objective. Land raider gets
immobilized turn 2 and doesnt get to move anymore. =(

Helping each other up the ramp. Jerry almost fell...

The dice that got cocked on a flat surface. How i will never know.
 I blame chessix.

Tau deployement zone fills with marines. The Ironclads drop pod
landed in the unpainted cathedral turn one. Ironclad had a long walk to the fight.

Farsight starts cleaning out my deployment zone. First the Dev
squad, then the scouts.

 Imperial Fist manage to steal the relic.

Ironclad comes out to play!
     In the end score was 4-2 in my armies favor.we had first blood and relic. Tau had slay the warlord and Line breaker. I had a 3 man tac squad holding the objective. Later i might post some of the very slow work on my tanks. Painting with my arm in a sling is hard.

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