Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sentinels of Terra, A space marine(Imperial Fist) supplement!!!

     While I don't intent to cover everything going on at the Gamesday events this weekend, the Sons of Dorn were blessed by the Emperor. Despite rumors saying white scars would get the first supplement, Imperial Fist stole the spot light. The Sentinels of Terra was an odd title for what looked to be an IF supplement and according to this article on and several other websites, the book covers the Imperial Fist 3rd company. Which just happens to be the company I (and many other IF players) have... Lysander is also suppose to be rather heavy in the book at points though so not really sure where he fits in. He was at one point a sergeant in the third company.

     While rules wise nothing much has been released except a few mission pages, the book releases in digital format around the corner here in October. So I wont have to wait long to get my hands on it. The missions based on what was shown focus on the 3rd companies battles with the Iron Warriors on a planet called Taladorn? Part of me hopes this also means we can see an Iron Warriors sup for Chaos soon, but that's pushing my luch.

     Another thing the book introduces is a special character, Captain Garadon, who I can only assume is the third company captain. What wargear and warlord traits will be introduced in this book, is anyone's guess. I can't see any FoC changes, but anything that lends to the siege theme of the Imperial Fist is good in my book. Would also like to see the Warlord traits as I only really care for 2 in the Space Marine book, and Lysander comes with one of them. 

     Following the theme of Imperial Fist new released, the Imperial Fist are the first to be show using the Legion Kharybdis Assault Claw. The current one in the picture is seen latched into the side of an Iron Warriors vessel during the Battle of Phall at the beginning of the Horus Heresy. Won't see any unique models though for IF until next HH book (book 3). 

Inside the Iron Warriors vessel, and the Chaos of the
boarding action taking place. 
I just like the picture of the assault ram....

And finally, IA-Volume 2 - 2nd Editon.
Finally an updated book with all the Space Marine
weapons from FW!

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