Monday, September 30, 2013

Sternguard progress (part 1?)

     What is coming as really slow progress because of my arm with my sternguard is still progress and I rather enjoy getting into painting again after 2 weeks of pretty much nothing. Still not fully back into the swing of things but enough so to get these models shaping up. I have to take breaks plenty and often while working still though so things like my sergeants banner did take a lot longer then it normally would have. The Sternguard I want to really stand apart from the rest of my army. Because they're first company veterans assisting the third company, the needed the black armour trim more common with the first company and it helps when mixed with the armour give a nice throwback to the crusade era of the Imperial Fist. 

     The unlike normal codex which is white helmets for veterans i decided to use red. The white on yellow just wasn't floating my boat, and it had to go. The Sergeant's helmet does have the white stripe though to help further stand him apart from his brethren. I like people to be able to look at my models and easily distinguish who is who.
      The full squad does still need some work as only the base coats on the helmets are really done. The arms and shoulders are currently separate bits to be painted and then glued (carefully). Part of me wishes I would have added another combi-gun into the mix but I didn't feel it really necessary with the special ammo for anything other then terminators or vehicles.

     Another squad that needs a lot of the work is the 3rd tactical squad, or green squad. The only changes I've made to them being their kneepad is green to denote the marines in that squad. Red squad and Blue squad having already had there knee pads recolored a while ago. This squad is unique though as it uses almost exclusively the really old snap together marines. The details in them aren't as sharp so painting them they will look a bit meh compared to other squads but I want to replace all my tacticals anyways.

     Anyways that's the end of this update. More tonight or tomorrow maybe as I get more of the Sternguard done.  

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