Thursday, October 24, 2013

Forge World Chapter Tactics update.

    Forge World has just released two new pdf's on their site (free) with Chapter tactics for several of the chapters supported by them, and updates to all the Space Marine characters from those chapters and many others. According to each pdf these rules should be considered official but FW also reminds people to explain their chapter tactics/model rules before hand.

The following is kind of odd as the Space Marine codex doesn't allow chapters to mix characters from the core book, even Lysander and Kantor are labeled in Army List as separate chapters. This does give the Iron Hands a fluff friendly character to use for a chapter master type figure.

"Where characters from a named Chapter have the Chapter Tactic of another Chapter (for example, Vaylund Cal of the Sons of Medusa, who has Chapter Tactics (Iron Hands)), they may be taken as part of a detachment representing a different Chapter that has the same Chapter Tactic (for example, Vaylund Cal could be selected as part of an Iron Hands detachment), but are assumed to be that Chapter’s ‘version’ of that character. This does not affect the unique nature of these characters and only one of each may be included in any army."-Characterupdate.pdf

Chapters that now have official chapter Tactics or are assigned chapter tactics: (For those who can't read the pdf or are to lazy or just want a summery)
Red Scorpians (Unique)
Carcharadons (Unique)
Howling Griffons (Ultramarines)
Lamenters (Blood Angels)
Fire Angels (Ultramarines)
Marines Errant (Ultramarines)
Raptors (Unique)
Exorcist (Undetermined)
Mantis Warriors (Unique)
Executioners (Unique)
Angels Revenant (Unique)
Red Hunters (Unique)
Star Phantoms  (Unique)
Minotaurs  (Unique)
Sons of Madusa (Iron Hands)
Novamarines (Ultramarines)
Fire Hawks  (Unique)
Astral Claws  (Unique)

Characters that got updated:
Lord High Commander Carab Culln (Red Scorpians)
Magister Sevrin Loth (Red Scorpians)
Tyberos the Red Wake (Carcharadons)
Chaplain Dreadnought Titas
Lieutenant Commander Anton Narvaez
Captain Tarnus Vale
Lias Issodon
Malakim Phoros (Lamenters)
Captain Mordaci Blaylock (Novamarines)
Captain Pellas Mir'san (Salamanders)
Bray'arth Ashmantle (Salamanders)
Master Harath Shen (Salamanders)
Ahazra Redth (Mantis Warriors)
High Chaplain Thulsa Kane (Executioners)
Captain Zhrukhal Androcles (Star Phantoms)
Vaylund Cal (Sons of Madusa)
Knight Captain Elam Courbray (Fire Hawks)
Captain Silas Alberec (Exorcist)
Lugft Huron (Astral Claws)
Captain Corien Sumatris (Astral Claws)
Armenneus Valthex (Astral Claws)
Arch-Centurion Carnac Commodus (Astral Claws)
Lord Asterion Moloc (Minotaurs)
Chaplain Ivanus Enkomi (Minotaurs)

     Not all FW characters appear to be here (Veteran Sergeant Haas), but as you can see it's a good size update and the characters that are missing will be added in as soon as FW is able according to FB. Most of the chapters are successors though the Salamanders seem to benefit the most from this update as far as first founding chapters are concerned. I'm still very happy (and Impressed) that FW would release the rules and chapter tactics for 18 chapters and 24 special characters (and counting?) for free as a PDF. If you want the fluff though you need to buy the books. Saying these are official updates and making them free will also help the argument of these being tournament legal.

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