Saturday, October 19, 2013

Imperial Fist 3rd company banner

     Finally having an image for the third company banner made me really excited. I've had a banner sitting in my bits box for a while waiting to be painted but didn't want to just make something up. So I waited for Codex: Space Marines to see if the Imperial Fist section of book would have the 3rd company banner. But it didn't... So I decided to wait for Imperial Fist to get a supplement. I thought it would be a while but it ended up not taking long at all. In fact I only had to wait for the preview. So today after about 3 hours of trying to paint the best I can, I have my 3rd company banner!

So I started by priming the banner skull white and then
dry brushing grey into the area's where I needed the red
back drop to be darker, adding more grey the farther out
I got.

After adding the grey I painted a single layer of red over it
all creating a decent fade effect.

Then I outlined in black to darken the edges more.

Then went over about 75% of the black with red to make
it more subtle.

Added yellow, this is the Imperial Fist after all.

Painted trim and purity seals.

Added details to the bottom of banner. The purity seals
block the section that would have the laurels.

Added the banner for the chapter name.

Started blocking out the marine.

Finishing the rough block out of the marine.

Marine all colored in!
     In this picture I kind of messed up the lettering. I hate trying to paint lettering, It never even tries to be easy. But apart from the Letters on the banner and the chapter Icon on the shield there is not as much fixing up as I thought I'd have to do. probably finish this and maybe build the banner carrier quick before I go to work.

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  1. Hey do you take commissions? Id love to get one of those for my 3rd company!