Monday, October 14, 2013

Kings of War - Basilean

     So I got some Basilean units from my friend who backed the Kingdoms of War kick starter. The models in the pictures and art work looked cool with the Angels reminding me of the ones in Diablo 3. So when the ability to trade for the units to start this army came up I took it and immediately went home to start work on them. Then after about 20 minutes I stopped trying.

     Most of the army consist of a "Plastic Resin" that fits together horribly. If you look at it it's very similar in look and feel to the resin material used to cast those green plastic army men you get for a few bucks at Walmart. I could look past this except the details aren't very sharp. This I can get past because the models are still very cool, except because of the cheaper materials to keep cost down, the models don't fit together well. Almost every model will probably have to have the arms heated in water and bent a bit just to fit properly. It's very aggravating and has really put a damper on this project.

     The only models to consist of plastic are the men at arms which are just fine. I don't really mind them. It's not GW plastic but you get 40 in a box for £33 and that's pretty decent. So I don't really have much to say on this.

    Lastly.... The commander or HQ type models are all metal. This isn't an issue for the ones that use 200mm square basis but for the 2 angel HQ's (who are awesome looking) it's a pain. I don't currently have the tools to properly pin any of the bits to these models together so for the time being they will be left unpainted. Also I think the 2 angels way more then my cat. They're pretty hefty models.

   All in all I still like the model design's, but Mantic's attempt to make a more affordable and simpler alternative to WFB shows. For the most part I think it made me realize how good GW miniatures are as far as quality, bits, and options go. That's not to say GW was always this good though or that they don't still occasionally release a pain in the arse model to build. But they have definitely gotten good at what they do. Curious now to see the stuff from the Deadzone kick starter when that arrives in November I think?

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