Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Space Hulk


I would like to say first off that I have never played the board game Space Hulk or the card game Death Angel, so I have no frame of reference for the video game version on Steam. That being said I would like to start off by saying I enjoy the game. You command what seems to be up to 10 terminator marines from the Blood Angels chapter (2 squads) in an attempt to clear a large space hulk of Genestealers or something.

     The game play is very simple and easy to understand by the time you finish the 3 tutorial missions and establish "The Beach head" on the Space Hulk. Each terminator has different weapons (mostly stormbolters actually) and can move around in the very thin and claustrophobic cor doors as needed. The game is turned based with each Terminator getting 4 action points to spend per turn and some "command points" to spend on actions for who ever needs that one more little thing.

     The combat is all dice based with the computer generating a random value that could be anything from a 1 to a 6 (d6 essentially) and if you roll high enough the other thing will die! A 5+ is needed to kill Genestealers though I think a power sword makes it a 4+, not sure what the hammer does. Also the Assault cannon and flamer can hold entire hallways at bay on their own so you can use them to hold enemies back pretty well while you advance. Close combat I avoid like the plague because the odds are generally in the Genestealers favor.

    The game seams to have plenty of missions, especially since they released the bonus 3 free ones here not to long ago. So you should find yourself pretty well occupied. I haven't tried the online multiplayer yet either so that might be fun? Looking for a level editor if that exist I have no idea. But would be pretty cool.

     Not a lot to say on the story front that most don't already know. All your favorite Terminators are here from the board game from Claudio to Lorenzo and Zael (Zael is the best). All of them once again stuck in a space hulk that according to the trailer for the game, managed to kill all but 52 members of the Blood Angels chapter. Either an over site on the developers part or a certain chapter master really messed up. Also why are Genestealers always on space hulks? Why is it never Chaos of sorts or some random Dark Eldar who just decided it would make a nice vacation home?

     Decent enough graphics, somewhere between DoW II's and Space Marine the games. My only complaint is now that I've worked in the unreal engine enough myself, I can look at a game and tell it was made in UDK just by the lighting the way reflections work. I can't explain why but there is this weird wonkyness to them I can't seem to understand.

     So yah, I like the game, if you liked the board game or you just like board games in general you will enjoy this. The strategy aspect can be quite challenging at time in my opinion, but that's good. Just hard enough to keep me on my toes really. I'm really looking forward to the Space Wolf DLC that is suppose to come out in next month or so. Sad it's only suppose to be 3 missions but it's space wolves! Also I feel like I should come up with some easy to understand number rating system. But can't think of a clever way to do it at the moment.

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